lab oculus


b. 1986, HK.



Roarke & Bartley
Pride Canvas Kenya
Inhabitat Iris
ArchMasters Consult
Triad Architects
Selus Consultancy



are a product designer, an interior designer, an architect. an event organizer or a small to medium sized business owner

You want to have your ideas put before you in a tangible way… So you can see what they would look like before you take them to market…

You want to establish your brand in a way that delivers the most value to your clients and meets your aesthetic standards.


We have always believed in the story. Telling it... Shaping it... Curating it... But most of all, helping you share yours in any way we can.

We are a Kenyan based integrated creative studio that brings your projects and brands to life by providing rendering, brand identity & print design services.

We are Lab Oculus.